Nutty Putty

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Nutty Putty in use

Play, Make, Bake

Nutty Putty utilises the extraordinary power of children’s imagination and has a range of educational benefits.

Nutty Putty has been created to:
* develop fine motor skills
* encourage personal and social skills
* promote concentration, observation and language skills
* encourage imagination, exploration and creativity
* explore the development of various art techniques; sculpting & molding

Made from non-toxic, hygienic (anti-bacterial agent added) silicone *FDA and RoHS approved)

This unique silicone is used in the production of baby feeding bottles, teethers and pacifiers also medical and cookware products.

We are very pleased to offer the Nutty Putty range of creative, educational products to our customers for their little ones to enjoy.

You can browse and buy on-line on our website

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