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When your having a relaxing time in your Spa the last thing you want to do is be thinking about when you next need to buy some filters for it, so we now provide a service to remind our customers at their request, 5 weeks from last purchase. 

All customers need to do is click the link below

Remind me to buy more filters please

Customers can change the frequency of reminders if they prefer to leave more or less time between filter changes.

As per MSpa guidelines, depending upon usage, it is a generally a good practice to rinse your MSpa filter cartridge every other week with fresh water. The rotation method is recommended

  1. have two filters on hand, one in the spa tub and a clean, dry spare
  2. remove the dirty filter and rinse thoroughly
  3. being careful to spray between the pleats
  4. soak the filter in a bucket of cleaning solution, over night or according to the instructions on the package
  5. use the clean spare filter while the dirty one is soaking
  6. after soaking, rinse again and set aside to dry completely
With this method, your filters will last much longer and you will never have to wait to use your spa.

The MSpa filter cartridge has a lifetime of approx. 6 weeks even when it is well maintained.

If the paper wall in the filter still looks new, it means the filter can be used for a few more weeks.

If dust appears in the water, change the filter.



Colin & Debbie

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