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You have no doubt noticed an increase in the price of hand sanitisers as demand has surpassed supply.

On-line market places are working to put a stop to the actions of sellers raising prices to unacceptable levels but this seems to be a work in progress.

We just wanted to give you our position on this.

We have sold hand sanitisers since January 2019, until this weekend and during the last few months we have in fact reduced the selling price of some of our sanitisers, .

To meet demand our supplier has air freighted additional stock, this is more expensive than sea freight so we are now paying more for the same product, and so this weekend we have had to increase our prices.

You will still find we are very competitive and probably the best price for the same product anywhere else.

As of today there are 4 prices in place, subject to change,

Credit card hand Sanitiser 15ml £4.11
Clip & Clean 30ml £4.59
Licensed Clip & Clean Sanitiser 30ml £4.99
Licensed Jelly Belly Sanitiser 15ml £5.99


Mad Beauty hand sanitizers contain 62%  Ethyl Alcohol (Alcohol denat), and are fully compliant with all current EU regulations  including BS EN 1276:2009 and independently tested and proven to have a bacterial kill rate of 99.99%

You can view our range here 

Colin & Debbie


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