ASADO Dual Instant BBQ Double Steel Structure with Instant Grill Cartridge & Tool

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Dual Disposable Barbecue Stand With Disposable Bamboo BBQ & Tool

This dual barbeque stand is the flexible way to barbeque.

Whether you are hosting a feast for two or a feast for a party - this barbeque stand holds a standard barbeque on one side and when you have more mouths to feed, flip it over and you have the perfect space into which to place a party sized bbq cartridge.

Using bamboo charcoal as a fuel for cooking is environmentally friendly because bamboo charcoal is
made from a renewable resource and it is smokeless and odorless, making it ideal for barbecues. Most
importantly Bamboo grows 10 x quicker than hard wood. The bamboo is harvested and does not need to be replanted.
Bamboo is so versatile and really is a planet saving plant absorbing as much CO2 as it release so completely carbon neutral.
So when we say 'Guilt Free' Barbecuing you are enjoying a great BBQ knowing you are doing your bit.

Disposable BBQ & 7 in 1 Multi Tool included

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