Designed and Manufactured in the UK

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Axiski Sand, Snow and Ski Board


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Axiski snowboard

Axiski Sand, Frost, Snow and Ski Board


How you ride this versatile board is up to you, sit, stand, lie down (bobsled), or double up.

Designed in the UK this board is lightweight and very robust, runs over sand, frosty grass and snow.

Sure to provide many hours of fun for kids and adults alike.


  • Nylon rope for steering, and to keep your board close by
  • two foot grips for greater balance and control
  • British Standard EN71

We recommend children under 10 years are accompanied by an adult. 


CE Approved 3+

Not suitable for children under 36 months due to length of cord being a possible strangulation hazard. 

This product should be used in an open space free from obstacles. Check your path is clear of other users. Helmet and protective clothing should be worn to protect from head and body injuries. Place wrist through safety the safety strap provided to ensure this product isn't free to impact others around you.

Not to be used near roads or vehicle traffic areas. 

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