Country Garden Jar -Set of Four

Country Garden Jar -Set of Four


  • £969


Country Garden Jar with No Handle

These lovely drinking jars come with a matching straw.  Something a little different and perfect for those parties coming up.  



  • Each Jar has a gingham design coloured lid
  • Clear drinking jar with writing on the front
  • Colour Straw matching the lid
  • Straw has a stop on the bottom, so won't fall out
  • "Refreshing Ice Cold Drink" embossed into the glass


  • Clear drinking jar with coloured gingham lid
  • Matching straw with stop on the bottom
  • Each Set contains Blue, Red, Yellow and Green Gingham Lids

Sizing in detail -:  Height 19 cm including straw 


Barcode -: 5036740368020

Part number -: 62071

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