Giftmate 15 piece Assorted Set of Small Gift Bags


Part number -: GM48020

Giftmate 15 piece Assorted Set of Small Gift Bags

Gift Mate

  • £996

Giftmate Assorted Gift Bag Set

Complete with integral matching bow, these gift bags are really simple to use, available in a wide range of sizes and designs you too can wrap simply and perfectly in seconds every time!

Simple, stylish, stress free giving. No tape, no scissors, no tissue - just wrap and go.

Ideal for busy people on the go, and young children or those that would find it difficult to wrap a present with tape and gift wrap.

This set is ideal if you require all the same size gift bags.



  • 2 x Ambience Clear
  • 2 x Ambience Heart Blue
  • 2 x Ambience Pink
  • 2 x Ambience Green
  • 3 x Hologram Lips
  • 2 x Polka Dot Brown
  • 2 Polka Dot Black
  • 15 Gift Tags

Sizing in detail -: 220 mm high (155 mm to the drawstring), 160 mm wide, and 40 mm deep at the base, typically used for jewellery & confectionery.


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