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Glow Trax Speedway 11ft 220 piece track with Motorised LED Car

Glow Trax

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GlowTrax Speedway 11ft 220 piece with LED lit Motorised Car

There's loads of fun to be had with Glow Trax Speedway. It comes complete with glow in the dark flexible race track and a light up LED car.

It's been a massive hit with kids of all ages, including the BIG kids (Dads).

The massive 11ft track is made up of 220 coloured pieces that bends to offer countless layout options.

Switch the lights off and you'll be mesmerised as the LED lit car passes over the glow in the dark track pieces.

If an 11ft speedway isn't enough for you, or you want to see how two vehicles fair around an extended track layout, simply add on another set, the possibilities are endless......


  • Easy connecting vivid neon coloured track that twists, flexes and glows in the dark
  • Battery powered LED lit Car

220 track piece and 1 car

Suitable for 5 years+

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