Barcode -: 078257583584

Part number -: 58358NP

Craft designed for voyages on sheltered coastal waters, small bays, small lakes, rivers and canals when conditions up to, and including, wind force 4 and significant wave heights up to, and including, 0.3m may be experienced, with occasional waves of 0.5m maximum height, for example from passing vessels.

Intex 8ft Explorer Pro 300 Inflatable Boat Set #58358NP


  • £2799
  • Save £2556

Intex 8ft Explorer Pro 300, three person Dinghy

Great fun for up to three, in the Explorer Pro 300, with a load capacity of 200 kgs or 440 lbs.

This set comprises all you need to get afloat and mobile in the water, just add some good old fashion elbow grease to inflate using the Double Quick hand pump included.


  • 3 different air chambers ensures boat remains solid
  • all -around grab line
  • quickly deflate with Boston valve 
  • inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity
  • grab handles on bow
  • two oar locks welded on either side keep the oars in place as you row.
  • hand pump inflates on the fore and backstroke


  • One pair french oars
  • Double-Quick double-action air pump
  • Explorer 300 pro boat
  • Repair Patch

Sizing in detail -: 

96" x 46" x 14"