Lazy & Chill Inflatable Lounger. No pump required

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Lazy & Chill Lounger

The Lazy & Chill Lounger is an essential piece of kit if you love to chill outdoors. It's your personal portable inflatable furniture that doesn't require a pump.

It's compact and lightweight making it ideal it for camping, holidays, festivals, and days out at the beach.

We found it to be really easy to inflate, with no compromise on comfort.

The storage pocket ensures you mobile or wallet is kept close by.

Watch out for cheaper, inferior imitations of the genuine Lazy & Chill products, rest assured Bort Shopping is an approved reseller of the Lazy & Chill brand.


  • constructed of 1st class specialised nylon parachute-worthy material
  • stitching sealed with heightened thermal seal glue
  • metal top-end seals ensure minimal deflation
  • storage pocket
  • carry/storage bag

Sizing in detail -: 

Deflated Dimensions (Packed) Inflated Dimensions Deflated Dimensions
Height 25 cm
Width 20 cm
Circumference 50 cm
Length 170 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 80 cm
Length 190 cm
Width 60 cm


UK 30 day warranty against faulty workmanship.

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