Looney Tunes 3PK Hair Scrunchies By MAD Beauty

Looney Tunes

  • £699

Trio Of Looney Tunes Scrunchies

We are bringing it back to the 90s with these Warner Looney Tunes Scrunchies, this pack includes three retro designs Tweetie Pie, Bugs Bunny & Sylvester.

It was time the scrunchie came back & we can't get enough of this classic Looney Tunes scrunchie trio, go bold & update your ponytail or plait with a 90’s hair scrunchie and it will give you a hairstyle that is the envy of Bananarama (if you are under 30 you may need to google this)  

This pack of three retro Looney Tunes Scrunchie hair ties are perfect for tying your hair up in the bath or at the gym or to add to that top knot the perfect hair accessory.


  • Bugs Bunny, Tweety Pie & Sylvester 

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