Mini Delta Arch Single Line Kite 2 colours to choose from

Spirit of Air

  • £599

Mini Delta Arch Kites

Mini Delta kites are easy to fly and ensemble, they have a 75 cm wingspan and long sewn in tails. Come complete with flying line and are made from durable ripstop nylon and super strong glass fibre frame.

To Ensemble:-

Unfold the kite and lay it on a flat surface with the keel side facing down. Locate the spreader bar and insert the ends into the nylon pockets either side of the kite. Turn the kite over and attach the flying line to the eyelet hole in the keel. Remove the binders from the tails and unfurl them on the ground. Have a friend hold the kite as illustrated and unwind at least 20 m of the flying line. You are now ready to fly. Gently pull the line taut and as the kite catches the wind have your friend release it. The kite will fly straight up to the sky, steadily let out more line until the kite reaches a stable height.


Sizing in detail -: 44 cm x 13 cm x 1 cm  



If flown in high winds stronger flying line will be required. Not recommended for children under 6 yrs without adult supervision. Wind range 6-14 mph.


Barcode -: 013229104213, 013229104206

Part number -: 10421, 10420

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