Sola Pro Bodyboard Fins

Part number -: TD006

Don't lose your fins, need some fin teathers? 

Sola Pro Bodyboard Fins


  • £2999
  • Save £500

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Pro Body Board fins by Sola

Two grades of rubber are used in these bodyboard fins. A soft and flexible upper and back strap for comfort. A harder blend on the fin blade for control and performance.

Excellent value, available in a range of sizes. 


  • dolphin tail shape provides maximum propulsion efficiency and superior control
  • floating rubber construction
  • soft foot pocket to minimise rubbing
  • stiff blade for quick response
  • drainage hole

 Approx Sizing -: 

Please make adjustment to your shoe size if you're going to be wearing fin socks.

Small 5-6
Medium 6-7
Large 8-9

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