TWF Kids Mask & Snorkel Set Phthalate Free


  • £1399

TWF Kids Mask & Snorkel Set

The mask has been constructed with hardened and tempered safety glass to keep your eyes safe underwater.

The mouthpiece on the snorkel, mask skirt and strap are all made of anti-allergic phthalate-free PVC to prevent rashes and reactions on sensitive skin.

The snorkel has been created with an anatomically-formulated mouthpiece for comfort and ease of use the snorkel-tube comes with a protected end piece.

The frame of the mask is constructed from polycarbonate and comes complete with an adjustable, saltwater resistant strap integrated strap holder for mask attachment.


  • Salt Water Resistant
  • Integrated Strap Holder For Mask Attachment
  • Hardened Tempered Safety Glass
  • Mask Skirt & Strap Made Of Anti- Allergic PVC
  • Frame Made Of Polycarbonate
  • Tube With Protected End Piece
  • Anatomically - Formulated Mouth Piece
  • Mouth Piece Made Of Anti - Allergic PVC

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