Unicorn Inflatable Drinks Holder NPW




Barcode -: 5037200053142

Part number -: NPW53142

Unicorn Inflatable Drinks Holder NPW


  • £825

Unicorn Inflatable Drink Holder

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom lived a very handsome unicorn named Stuart. Stuart loved to dance on rainbows, eat sugar sprinkles and candyfloss. With his whimsical charm, he would attract all sorts of friends. Breaking curses, spells and making good people's dreams come true. In his spare time he entertains and relaxes with friends, sipping on magical drinks amongst the clouds.  

The perfect accessory for pooltime or bathtime fun, this unicorn drink holder inflates in seconds to make a secure float. Complete with horn, rainbow tail and mane this is the essential companion to your holiday cocktail or evening tipple.

Sizing in detail -: 385 mm X 190 mm X 220 mm 



WARNING! This is not a toy.


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